AS Management has extensive experience in working with young people and vulnerable adults safeguarding. We will provide your organisation with a range of safeguarding services which will:

  • Maximise the safety of your workforce
  • Ensure the people in your care are safe from harm
  • Improve the service delivery of your business

We ensure that safeguarding is threaded seamlessly throughout your policies and procedures.


With over 15 years of management experience AS Management can assist you with various staffing issues to improve the performance and quality of your business. Services include:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Codes of Conduct
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Supervisions
  • Investigations and Case Review
  • Crisis Management

Safe Recruitment

AS Management will help you with safer recruitment following national guide lines. This includes training and development, safeguarding handbooks, induction packs and staff updates along with appropriate DBS checks. Safer Recruitment will be linked to the organisations Safeguarding Policy.

Investigations and Case Reviews

Investigation and case reviews provided by AS Management are independent, confidential, comprehensive and unbiased and follow national guidelines.

We will collate information, accurately record all issues timely to produce analysis and recommendations.

Areas we can help you with includes: staff misconduct, HR issues, inspection failures, clients complaints.

Advice and guidance can be provided confidentially to assist in internal investigations.


AS Management has vast experience in the preparation and successful completions of both CQC and OFSTED inspections. We offer training at all levels for staff and volunteers, mock inspections and both pre and post inspection reviews, and can also work with you to improve upon ratings. We will support you throughout the whole process, driving up quality and improving performance.

Policy Development

AS Management will work with you to establish quality policies and procedures, using our vast experience in safeguarding and substance misuse.

Comprehensive policies will help provide a solid foundation for good practice, which can be directly applied to meet your operational requirements and improve the knowledge and performance of your team.

Policies include: all aspects of safeguarding including the safeguarding of young people and vulnerable adults, training and development, substance misuse, Child Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking.

All in line with both national and local legalisation.

Family group conferencing

AS Management has over 20 years’ experience of working with families in crisis and with conflict resolutions. We use evidence based tools and interventions suitable for each individual family.

We facilitate family group conferences for families in or who are experiencing difficulties.

Family group conferences will help families overcome and resolve their differences in a safe and neutral environment, where by discussions are family led and resolutions are family owned. A contract will be agreed an designed by all parties.

A copy of the contract and an overall report will be sent direct to the referrer.

Record keeping and monitoring

Accurate and timely record keeping and monitoring is paramount to effective safeguarding. AS Management will work with your organisation to record and monitor all relevant information safely and efficiently inline with CQC and OFSTED requirements. We will improve the quality of information collection and its safe storage.

Effective record keeping and monitoring improves CQC and OFSTED inspection results and drives up performance and improves service delivery.

All areas of our work will link seamlessly with your existing policy and procedures, use evidence based practice, aligned to national and local policies.

Risk Assessment

AS Management has worked within the risk arena for over 25 years, and can improve your organisations ability to recognise risk, record risk related issues safely, improve the response to risky activities thus improving conditions for both staff and the people who you work with.

All areas of our work will link seamlessly with your existing policy and procedures, use evidence based practice, aligned to national and local policies.

Areas of our work include: Creating risk assessment suitable for your business, Completing effective Risk Assessments, Lone Working, Family Working, Building Risk Assessment, Activity based risk assessments, MARAC & MAPPA and many more.

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