Training & Development

The team at AS Management has an extensive history of creating and delivering training and development packages. Areas of expertise includes: Safeguarding, Child Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking, Substance Misuse, Homelessness an Inspections.

We can provide and evaluate the training needs for teams and individuals, promote safer recruitment, produce training and development plans and design bespoke training packages mapped to national standards.

Training sessions can vary in length and cost to suit your needs.

Our training packages are suitable at all levels for staff, volunteers, board members, clients and young people, including those at school or college.

Training we currently provide includes:

Safeguarding – adults and children

We can provide a choice of introductory level courses including; Child Protection, Safeguarding Children and Young People and Safeguarding Adults at Risk. Topics covered includes:
Organised crime; ‘county lines’, Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking, cyber-crime / on-line safety, Prevent, Sexual Abuse, Neglect, safeguarding disabled children, Domestic Violence and Abuse, Honour Based Abuse and Violence, Forced Marriage, FGM, Modern Slavery.

We also deliver training on Toxic Trio and Signs of Safety.

This category also includes our ‘parenting capacity’ programme, exploring the interplay between parental issues such as mental ill-health, substance mis-use, its impact on outcomes for children and our child protection responsibilities.

CQC preparation for teams

We can provide a range of training for all levels of the team, from basic awareness to advanced training for senior management within a CQC inspection. This training gives the team an understanding of CQC, what an inspection entails, how it impacts upon the organisation and how the overall scoring is reached. We can also work with organisations preparing for CQC by completing mock inspections and help to make improvements following an unfavourable results.

Child Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking

We can provide a range of courses to suit each learning needs, from awareness to advanced courses for front line staff. Each provide the history of CSE and trafficking, local and national picture, warning signs, policy development, assessment, local agency support, links to other safeguarding issues including substance misuse, gangs etc.

Substance misuse (including alcohol and prescription drugs)

We can provide a range of courses to suit each learning need, from awareness to advanced courses for front line staff. Each provides an understanding of substances and the effects, signs and symptoms, impact on health, impact of mental health, impact on parenting, young people specific training and substance misuse within the aging population.


This training provides knowledge of the national and local homelessness picture, changes in recent homeless legalisation and how this may impact on various client groups. The impact of universal credit, and how other safeguarding issues are interlinked to homelessness.

Please enquire if there is something specific you require.

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